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How Looking Great Makes You Feel Great

I know, I understand, beauty is superficial. However still, looking great makes me feel great. I get a total feeling of self-assurance when I look great. Dressing up appears to put me in a great mood contrary to those scrubbed out, gloomy, pessimistic days. In my judgment, if what’s on the outside looks even as great as what’s on the inside, it will be almost effortless for your glowing personality to come out and for the world to see just how amazing you truly are.


Here are some reasons why looking great makes me feel great:

  1. I get a self-boost. Everybody needs one once in a while. It’s that feeling of, “Damn I look great!” that gives me reassurance that yes I’m that exceptional (and so are you!).
  2. Individuals tell me I look great. This makes me satisfied because regardless of how many times I tell myself not to care what other people think, it does help to hear that they like what I’ve done with myself. You tell me what makes you feel better–positive regard or bad glares?
  3. I feel like I may achieve anything. I look exceptional so why not do exceptional things? Looking great gives me that additional spark to get things going and make a difference in the world.
  4. Individuals talk to me. I’m not trying to say that other individuals have no friends, however from natural observation, it’s the ill-groomed kids who had no one to play with during recess, who were commonly sitting alone in the cafeteria, and who were so shy they may barely get through the day.

Here’s the resolution: take pride in your outer look and the power to socialize will become much easier. When you look pretty and accessible, individuals will draw close to you.

  1. it’s amusing. I like getting ready and looking great– putting on pretty outfits, styling my hair, and putting on makeup. This makes me satisfied, and being satisfied is an exceptional way for me to feel great.

So, what is true beauty? It sure isn’t a mystical ingredient in ultra long-lasting lip gloss, and you certainly won’t discover it hidden in the cosmetics aisle at the pharmacy.

It’s the knowledge that you love yourself, and that you’re true to your own heart. It’s having eyes that glitter with compassion and see the best in individuals. It’s bearing lips that speak strongly when you’ve been bossed around and gently when somebody else has been. The most beautiful trait you are able to have is self-assurance! Work out what you like about yourself and let it glow. That’s what true beauty is all about.

Leslie Munsell is a celebrity makeup artist who works with A-List clientele including singers Mariah Carey & Shakira, Tennis stars Venus & Serena Williams, Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda Kerr, and Actors Gabrielle Union & Leonardo Dicaprio.
So, the question is: Why is a celebrity makeup artist spending her time teaching women to look good WITHOUT makeup?
Leslie Munsell and her crack team of advanced dermatologists have pioneered a new skin care method for women that can reduce all those bits on a woman’s face that she does not like.
Those bits that upset her when she looks in the mirror.
Those fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots a woman covers up with makeup.
What’s worth mentioning again is the fact that Leslie Munsell is a sought-after (A-list clientele) makeup artist, yet her aim is to make women feel beautiful without makeup.
Or as Leslie says, “What happens when the makeup comes off…”

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