When we talk about lifting and separating we are not talking about the 18-hour bra, but the lashes of your eye. Add new life to your eyes by giving your lashes as much length as they can stand. Here are some of the upcoming trends in mascara application.

The idea of mascara is not to look freakish but to make your eyes pop in a good way. You can change up your mascara for a striking look without being too theatrical. And, it will work in the office as well as when you are out on the town.

Mascara Trends

Younique is famous for their 3D mascara

Go for broke (lengthwise) – If you have wimpy lashes or they are too short to be called luxurious, add a bit of length to them. Try a super extend mascara that separates lashes as well as providing the illusion of length. This works for evenings out. And, if you are fair skinned or have lighter hair, try a darker mascara color to enhance the effect.

Volumize – Again, for wimpy or limp lashes, give them the plump they need with max mascara designed to make them look over ten times thicker than normal. The added depth will turn your eye from plain to wickedly beautiful.

Must love the color – Don’t be afraid to add color to your lashes. Bold splashes of color are in and not just for eye shadows. Bring out the color of your eyes with a mascara hue that is brighter but along the same color palette. For instance, for blue eyes, use a brighter aquamarine on the lashes. To avoid going too heavy on the color contrast (especially at work), tone down the shadow and eyeliner if you opt for bold mascara.

Younique’s Epic Mascara was voted by many publications as their favorite mascara of 2017 and 2018!

No mascara – Yes, models are daring to go without mascara this year. How do you play it off? Use splashes of bold color on your face to draw the eyes upward. Bold lip color in reds and oranges can set off the face. Also, try metallic shades on the brow line for that otherworldly, ethereal look that doesn’t need mascara. When correctly applied they can complement the eyes just as well as adding mascara.

Upper lids only please – Who says you have to apply mascara to both upper and lower lashes? Just like with eyeliner, accentuating the upper lids has a profound effect on the eye. You can also subtly change the perceived shape of your eye by leaving the lower lashes naked.

Pump up the color – Go for the contrast with bright colors for a mascara like hot pink and tangerine. It is a bit more theatrical but it’s okay for a night out with your friends.

How will you define your lashes this spring?

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