Each of us has a different shape to our face. That shape has to be taken into consideration when we buy eyeglasses. In order to look your best, compare and contrast.

What Are the Shapes That Know Us Best?

Here is a quick rundown of the different types of facial shapes: round, square, oblong, oval, diamond, triangle base side up and triangle base side down. Take a look in the mirror. Using a piece of soap or lipstick, trace the shape of your face from forehead to chin and back again to see which best describes you.

What Frames Do I Need?

The order of the day in contrast. If you have a square face, you don’t want square glasses. They will only accentuate the features that you want to minimize or hide. Since you’ll be wearing glasses all the time, let them help you by creating the illusion of the face that you want. The focus is on the eyes and you want it to be as favorable as possible.

Let’s look at each facial shape and how to choose the best style of glasses.

Round: The face is curvy with no definite angular lines. To bring a bit of angle to the face, choose frames that are angular and narrow. Glasses that have a clear bridge piece give the illusion of wider set eyes. Another good shape is rectangular frames.

Square: Soften your proportions with narrow frames in an oval shape. Choose ones that are wide but on the thinner side depth wise.

Oblong: To make your face appear shorter, choose a frame that is thicker but not overly wide. Don’t be afraid to choose a decorative frame that has designs on the temples as well as temples that are different from the color of the frame itself. Consider frames that have a lower bridge to shorten the look of your nose.

Oval: This face shape is often the most desired because of the balanced proportions. To honor that, choose frames that are no wider than the sides of the face. Try walnut-shaped frames or frames that are in proportion as far as depth and width.

Diamond: To soften the cheekbones and play up the eyes and chin, try a throwback fashion – the cat-eye shape. If you don’t want to look like the schoolmarm, then opt for rimless glasses or frames with a lot of detail work across the top.

Triangle base side down: The idea is to play up the top of the face and give it depth. Add a splash of color to your frames. If you like, choose a cat-eye frame for emphasis.

Triangle base side up: The idea is to downplay the top of the face. Try rimless glasses or those that are wider at the bottom than the top. Lighter colors can minimize the top of the face.

What frames will suit you best? If you have been wearing the wrong type all these years, you’ll be surprised what a difference the right frame makes to your look.

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